Smart Infrastructure
Smart Infrastructure

INDIA is gearing for an infusion of next generation technologies that can help make our cities safer, simpler and sustainable through cutting edge hardware, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics.

Indian government is developing 100 Smart Cities, implementing new-age technologies in utilities, traffic management, surveillance, banking, mobility, education, healthcare and many more. Further the government is investing in initiatives such as the National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM) focusing on improving grid efficiency across 250+ towns and Digital India (BharatNet) program for last mile connection upto 2.5 lakh gram panchayats in the country.

RPG Smart Infra, a division of KEC International Ltd., helps Cities with implementation & commissioning of these technologies along with operating & maintaining them, and training the City administrators to manage the infrastructure. KEC brings in decades of experience in projects across utilities, railways, solar and civil infrastructure along with its strong financial fundamentals and an appetite to take on large scale projects.

Smart Cities


RPG Smart Infra integrates the edge devices, Cameras, to a central command and control centre for faster resolution of incidents/complaints. We bring state-of-the-art software to run facial recognition, video analytics and asset tracking along with dashboards to monitor and review the safety of the city 24x7. We offer expertise in Camera Selection, Software integration, Analytics, Dashboards, Storage and Maintenance.

Traffic Management

RPG Smart Infra works with international leaders and experienced Indian OEMs to deliver solutions in intelligent traffic management systems covering operation and enforcement. Traffic management solutions include adaptive traffic light timer control (ATLTC), dynamic message signs and incident monitoring & resolution workflows. Enforcement solutions include automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), red-light violation detection (RLVD) and stop-line detection.

Integrated Command and Control Centre

The ICCC integrates all smart technologies implemented across the city under one common platform with visual walls and GIS-based displays. RPG Smart Infra, as the master system integrator, builds the ICCC and the associated data storage and management systems through the setup of Data Center and Data Recovery. We have the capability for optimising storage sizing and selecting the right platform to ensure integrity and security of critical city data.


Under the Digital India initiative of the Indian government efforts are afoot across the country to establish fiber network to the last mile, i.e. gram panchayats (GPs).

KEC has enormous experience in setting up optic fiber network across the country for both underground and overhead installation of over 10,000 km, and manufactures its own range of optical fiber cables. RPG Smart Infra leverages this experience to help customers setup the electronic infrastructure, network operating centres (NOC) along with operation and business support systems (OSS/BSS).

Smart Grid

Smart Grid is an ensemble concept combining automation, modernisation, communication and data-based decision-making across power systems. In India, the Smart Grids intend to support two main initiatives – availability of power and efficiency of available power.

KEC has been a front runner in developing power system assets across India as well as globally. It has developed the capability to serve utilities in the areas of SCADA/DMS, Smart Metering and Battery Energy Storage System.

As the Smart Grid technologies and their understanding grows, RPG Smart Infra is equipped to help utilities in demonstrating the benefits of these applications through Pilot implementations and Proof of Concept.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

AMI in India is targeted at reducing commercial losses for the utility and bringing transparency in billing. Under the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) of the GoI, all consumers with monthly consumption above 200 kWh are planned to be upgraded to Smart meters by 2019.

RPG Smart Infra manages the entire spectrum of AMI solution from procurement and installation of hardware (smart meters, communication modules, systems) and software (HES, MDM) to the end-to-end integration of the data generated from the AMI system into the utilities’ applications such as Billing, CRM and ERP.


Utilities are moving to the next level of grid monitoring infrastructure by integrating the power assets through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distribution Management System (DMS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS). Further the system is being integrated with GIS to make tracking along the grid more robust and accurate.

RPG Smart Infra builds on KEC’s in-depth expertise of power T&D to offer best-in-class solutions in grid automation. KEC has implemented Substation Automation projects in India, Africa and South East Asia.

Battery Energy Storage

Energy storage and integration of renewable generation units with the grid are increasingly becoming pivotal in ensuring grid integrity and continuity. RPG Smart Infra is helping utilities develop storage capabilities in various battery technologies (Lithium Ion, Lead Acid and others) and seamlessly integrating it with the grid.

RPG Smart Infra is executing a BESS pilot project at Puducherry to showcase the SCADA integration of different battery types and a solar generation unit to provide support to the grid in case of supply shortage or outage.

Smart Mobility

Transportation in cities faces significant challenges with the increasing population. Across the world cities are adopting smarter technology driven solutions to increase convenience of commuters on various public transport platforms. RPG Smart Infra can help transport authorities and administrators in commissioning mobility solutions such as Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Automatic Vehicle Location System and Overall Fleet Management.