Our Green Portfolio

Transmission & Distribution

  • Energy transportation in an effective and efficient manner with minimal carbon footprint

  • Promoting transmission of clean and reliable renewable energy through Green Energy Corridor (GEC) projects

  • World-class engineering solutions that optimise utilisation of resources


  • More efficient than roads in terms of energy efficiency and land utilisation

  • Preserving fossil fuels, curbing pollution and contributing to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) through electrification of Indian Railways

  • Enhancing safety of Indian Railways through implementation of world-class technologies


  • Laying cross-country water pipelines to provide clean water to Lakh of households

  • Building energy efficient factories and residential complexes

  • Constructing municipal waste to energy conversion plants, flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) units and other such structures that are environmentally conscious

Urban Infrastructure

  • Reducing fuel consumption and pollution through effective urban commuting solutions

  • Using environmentally friendly construction techniques, such as precast/prefab, that reduce carbon footprint


  • Reducing transmission losses through energy efficient cable designs

  • Providing underground cabling solutions to improve land utilisation

  • Minimising raw material consumption by developing innovative cable designs and solutions

  • Enhancing safety and saving energy for end-users by manufacturing advanced and energy efficient conductors

Emerging Businesses

  • Constructing large solar-based power generation plants, which have one of the lowest lifecycle emissions

  • Reducing dependency on fossil fuels through advanced industrial solar solutions

Oil & Gas Pipelines

  • Transporting gas, crude oil, and petroleum products in an energy efficient and environment-friendly manner

  • Supporting usage of gas-based clean energy

  • Building iron ore slurry pipeline to reduce carbon footprint in transportation

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