KEC has the distinction of being the only Transmission Tower Company in the world to have four tower testing stations. It has three test stations in India and one in Brazil. These testing stations serve the objective of satisfying customers about design parameters of tower by subjecting Proto-Towers to various test load conditions.

The Company’s Nagpur, Maharashtra testing station is one of the few testing stations in the world capable of testing towers up to 1,200 kV. The tower testing station at Brazil is the largest in the Americas. All testing stations are strategically located near manufacturing facilities. They are capable of testing all types of towers – Lattice Towers, Guyed Towers, Tubular and Mono Poles. The Company can provide complete testing solutions to any type of transmission line requirements.

Tower Testing Facilities

Butibori, Nagpur
(Maharashtra, India)

Betim (Brazil)


Particulars Butibori,
Nagpur (Maharashtra)
(Madhya Pradesh)
Betim (Brazil)
Testing Capacity 1200 kV 400 kV 800 kV 765 kV
Base Configuration Square/Rectangular/
Monopoles/Guyed Towers
Square Rectangular up to 18m/ Square up to 24m Square, 26m
Height of Mast Transverse longitudinal 90m,90m 45m,48m 50m,58m 75m,75m
Maximum compression/uplift per leg 1250 M/T 250 M/T 450 M/T 700/400 M/T
Load Application Electrical Winches with
Variable Frequency Drives and SCADA
Electrical Winches Electrical Winches Mechanical Winches

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