The Company’s ESG and sustainability policies and structure is driven under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are responsible for approval of the sustainability policy and ensuring ESG practices are aligned and incorporated into the Company’s long-term vision towards sustainability.


At the Board Committee level, the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, which comprises four independent directors, is responsible for recommending the sustainability policy, reviewing the performance on sustainability goals, targets & strategy and providing guidance to achieve the same.


At the Corporate level, the Executive Committee (ExCom), which comprises the Senior Management team is responsible for overseeing the progress on ESG and sustainability agenda and ensuring implementation and adherence to the sustainability roadmap.

At the Business level, the Steering Committee, which comprises business and functional heads and members drawn from corporate functions such as investor relations, corporate secretarial, corporate strategy, and corporate communications, is responsible for driving and implementing the sustainability roadmap and initiatives.


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