With a rich and diverse experience across all continents spanning more than seven decades, KEC has secured its position as a global leader in the Power Transmission & Distribution EPC space. This is the largest business vertical of the Company.

The Company has capabilities to design, manufacture, test, supply and erect transmission lines on turnkey basis up to 1,200 kV, along with end-to-end solutions for underground HT and EHV cabling works. It also specialises in execution of Gas Insulated Transmission Lines up to 380 kV. The Company also executes turnkey EPC projects that involve High Voltage Electrical Switching and Distribution Substations across the globe. The business specialises in concept-to-commissioning of projects that include:

  • High Voltage Air Insulated Substations (AIS) up to 1150 kV
  • Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) up to 765 kV
  • Hybrid Substations up to 220 kV

KEC is at the forefront of building some of the most iconic and complex power infrastructure projects in the world’s harshest terrains and conditions.

Aided by a pool of highly experienced professionals who are constantly committed to delivering projects ahead of time, KEC has developed unmatched strength in surveying, designing and engineering of complex and large towers. Its strong design and engineering skills, execution proficiency and extensive experience has helped the Company provide optimised solutions for its clients. Pioneering techniques in innovation, quality and speed, have enabled successful execution of projects in harsh and remote environments and difficult topographies such as mountains at an altitude of 11,500 feet above sea level, politically sensitive areas, densely populated forests and cities, rivers and seas, narrow gorges, deserts, and locations where temperature varies between -25 degree C and +50 degree C. The company also specialises in execution of transmission lines in Oil Field areas.

The Company has strong in-house design & engineering capabilities for electrical as well as structural and civil works, global supply chain management team and highly experienced project management team to deliver these projects as per customer’s requirements. From connecting the hinterland of the nation, to developed and developing countries, KEC has been powering infrastructure in over 70+ countries across South Asia, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Rest of Africa, Central Asia, Oceania and the Americas. It has more than 30 overseas offices spread across the globe.

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